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Pro Support Services is proud to offer NDIS and Disability Support – mobile and home services around Adelaide. Our NDIS home podiatry support services in Adelaide provide convenience as well as helping people achieve their independent living goals. We understand that every individual is unique with different needs and interests. Our Pro Support Services practitioners are able to work closely with NDIS participants across a wide range of conditions. With a strong focus on making sure the people we care for are heard, we are able to tailor our support to better suit them. 

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NIDS Home Podiatry


Mobile & Home Podiatry Services Adelaide

Pro Support Services has a team of experienced and NDIS qualified Podiatrists that are able to attend your home or other location in Adelaide. 

Our expert podiatry team can assist in a variety of ways which include but are not limited to:
• Assist with problems in nails and skin
• Address heel pain and foot pain
• Improve overall mobility
• Footwear and shoe recommendations
• Prescribe assistance aids

Our team works with you to help you achieve the goals that you have presented to us. In particular, we work with people of all ages and abilities who need support with nail and foot care, improving their mobility, or getting involved in the community. If you would like to know more about our home podiatry services, please contact us here.

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Disability Support Services

our professional services Include:

Whether you just need help getting your day started or you require more complex care, we have a wide range of services that we can tailor to best suit your lifestyle.

Services that we offer

What does a podiatrist do and how can they help you?


A podiatrist is an expert in caring for feet which also includes the heels, ankles, toes and the lower legs. After inspecting these areas, a podiatrist is then able to diagnose and treat associated conditions. Conditions that podiatrists can assist with include: bone and joint disorders, foot injuries and foot pain, calluses, corns, bunions, infections, Arthritis, the Diabetic foot, balance issues and more. Our podiatrist can also prescribe aids to assist in tying shoe laces, sock and shoe fittings.

NDIS Podiatry

A podiatrist can help manage the impact of disabilities that affect the lower legs and feet. Sometimes a disability can make it difficult to wear standard shoes. A podiatrist can recommend more appropriate footwear to help alleviate any discomfort. Our podiatrists also make in-house custom orthotics for any foot pain you're experiencing or conditions that affects your ability to mobilise. We can also assist with routine foot care if you are having trouble managing your foot care.

Home podiatry support tailored to you.

If you’re interested in our Home Podiatry Support Services and you’re located in Adelaide, get in touch with us today by clicking the button below. Alternatively, if you would like to make a referral, you can do so by completing our online referral form here.

NDIS Home Podiatry support Adelaide

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