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Aged Care Home Support

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Pro Support Services provides high quality aged care home support services to elderly Australians. Above all, our ethos is to support our patients in fulfilling their health related goals by taking a holistic-approach to health and well-being. In addition, our highly experienced allied health practitioners understand the importance of maintaining independence when ageing. Working with our patients, their families and extended care providers, we strive to achieve optimal treatment outcomes.

Enjoy the best possible quality of life

Aged Care Home Support Programs

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Staff and allied health

Pro Support Services offers a number of in home care
services to help our patients enjoy the best possible quality
of life in the comfort of their own home.

Pro Support Services has a team of allied health practitioners
and maintenance staff that include:
• Home Nursing Supports
• Home Physiotherapy Supports
• Home Podiatry Supports
• Home Exercise Physiology Supports
• Home Dietetic Supports
• Home Maintenance Supports

Most importantly, the aim of our home support programs are to provide services
to our elderly that enable them to live independently in their
own home in a safe, healthy and full-filling manner as valued
members of our community.

enjoy the best possible quality of life in the comfort of your own home

Aged Care Support Services

our professional services Include:

We have a wide range of services that we provide in an aged care setting. This includes both residential care and community programmes.

Services that we offer

Allied Health Assessments, Falls Reviews, ACFI Claims and Auditing can be co-ordinated within our team of practitioners. For instance, the scope of service provision can be implemented in consultation with key personnel to provide an all-inclusive level of allied health support services as required.
In-Home Allied Health Services and Assessments can be provided through our home support programs. For example, Home Safety Assessments with Clinically Considered Designs and Solutions can be implemented with installation from our maintenance support team.
Our team of Allied Health Carers are able to provide Support Programme Development, Management and Integrated Service Delivery that includes participation in group exercise programs such as Hydrotherapy, Walking Classes, Strength for Life Classes or Falls and Balance Classes.
Holistic and collaborative approach to chronic and complex pain management is provided by our team of allied health professionals to include home based care, exercise and support. In addition, we are also able to prescribe and supply assistive equipment and mobility aids as needed.

Aged Care Home support tailored to you.

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