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As a part of the Pro Health Care Community, Pro Support Services aims to support people of all abilities to live their best life. We’re here to provide quality healthcare support to organisations and people of all abilities to achieve their independent living goals. We currently offer disability support, aged care support and occupational medicine support.

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Pro Support Services is an aged care, occupational medicine and NDIS provider offering high quality health care services to organisations and people of all abilities to achieve their independent living goals.

NDIS & Disability Support

Aged Care Support

Occupational Medicine Support


Our physiotherapists deliver quality, hands-on and exercise based care that is evidence based, proven and highly effective. We are able to offer a tailored plan that aims to support your health and mobility.


Working with the utmost care, dedication and professionalism, our podiatrists aim to give you the best possible treatment. Our team is highly skilled and extremely competent in all areas of care.

Exercise Physiology

Focusing on prevention and treatment of injury and chronic illness through structured exercise participation. We specialise in clinical exercise interventions for individuals with chronic or complex medical conditions and injuries.


Each of our dietician services works with your lifestyle to give you a solution that works for you. We provide optimal care with an emphasis on dietary advice and education by providing a tailored plan specific to the individual.


Our psychologists practice with a professional, non-judgmental and understanding approach, working with you to create management plans for any issues you may be facing, that are suited to you. 

Occupational Therapy

By supporting each individual with their health and well-being, our occupational therapists assist you in your everyday occupations in life such as showering, dressing, preparing food, or with work or social activities.

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We are passionate about focusing on on quality, patient-centred care with evidence based practices