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Pro Support Services provides high quality occupational medicine support services to a wide variety of industries in Adelaide. As every business is unique, we employ a tailored approach to our services to help you achieve your corporate health goals. Our highly qualified team is here to assist you.

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Staff and allied health

Pro Support Services offers a number of in clinic or at the workplace health care services to help you recoginse and manage your staffs health and safety. 

We have a team of allied health practitioners which include:
• Corporate Nursing Supports
• Corporate Physiotherapy Supports
• Corporate Podiatry Supports
• Corporate Exercise Physiology Supports
• Corporate Dietetic Supports

The aim of our corporate health programs are to provide services to industries across Adelaide that enable them to carry on their duties in their place of work in a safe and healthy way.

Our services are provided to large organisations, small businesses and everything in between

Occupational Medicine Support Services

our professional services Include:

Our services are offered both in clinic and at the work-place services to large corporations, small businesses and everything in between.

Services that we offer

We understand that not all businesses are the same and therefore not all businesses will require the same work place medical services. This is why we offer tailored occupational medical support services to suit your businesses individual needs.
Our highly qualified occupational medical support team can assist you with pre-employment screenings to recognise and manage the health of your staff. We provide pre-employment screenings for a number of different industries using a range of assessments.
The health and well-being of your staff is important to us. Influenza can be one of the biggest causes of low productivity in the workplace. This is why more and more organisations are getting on board corporate flu vaccinations to stop the spread.
By conducting workplace assessments, you're putting the health, safety and well-being of your staff first. It's important that organisations provide a safe work environment for their staff by ensuring they minimise health and safety risks and identify hazards.

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