Corporate Flu Clinics

Corporate Flu Clinics are offered annually to businesses looking to protect their staff from influenza. Multiple flu viruses circulate each year and are broadly grouped into two types: A and B.

Dr Sally-Ann Parsons, Clinical Director at Pro Health Care Stirling, explains ‘Influenza B viruses have two main strains, while the influenza A viruses are more variable. The influenza A’s you get each year are usually A/H3N2 or A/H1N1, which lingers on from its 2009 “swine flu” pandemic.

Influenza is easily transmitted through inhaling respiratory aerosols released when coughing or sneezing or by direct contact with respiratory secretions (think of keyboards and phones).

Then follows an incubation period of 1 to 3 days after which symptoms start. Initially people think they have a cold and continue to work on, thereby potentially spreading the illness to work colleagues.

In addition to absenteeism due to being unwell, which can be of several days if not weeks duration, it is recognised that influenza may cause weeks of feeling unwell and fatigued with resultant decrease in productivity. For those that are more vulnerable, influenza can cause significant disease and even death.

Pro Support Services is pleased to offer a corporate flu clinic service for small businesses and organisations that facilitates the vaccination process for staff and employees. Either a nurse and / or doctor will be able to attend a suitable work-site to administer a vaccination for all consenting members of staff.

It’s important to organise your corporate flu clinic to be conducted in April/May to ensure optimal protection against the flu.

For further information and a quotation on the service, please take the time to complete our online booking request form here.